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Welcome by DiscusArt

Welcome by DiscusArt

Natural preventive DiscusArt Welcome

Contains concentrated extract of Catappa, Aloe Vera and Cajeput oil

Welcome is an ideal product to use when introducing new fish into our aquariums, since not everyone has quarantine urns for this purpose, it minimizes the risk of contagion of bacterial and fungal pathologies and prevents against the feared bacterial incompatibility by using it during the first week of the introduction of the fish.

Welcome is an all-natural antibacterial treatment to treat and prevent infections such as open wounds and lesions, fin rot, eye cloud and fungus as a secondary infection. It also promotes the growth of fins and the healing of damaged tissues.

Welcome does not negatively affect biological filtration, nor does it modify water parameters. It may tint the water a slight bluish tone during treatment. It is safe for use in freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums and in aquariums with live plants. Dosage during the recommended period, and depending on the net amount of water in your aquarium.

– Concentrated extracts of Catappa, Aloe vera and Cajeput oil
– Bactericides, fungicides and healing agents

– 1 drop per liter, or 5ml per 100L

Use maintaining the treatment for 7 days, that is, add the product daily in the indicated dose (1 drop/net liter) during the first 7 days, both for the introduction of new fish and for the treatment of infections. If you perform water changes during the process, replace the amount of product corresponding to the water removed.

250ml (8.5fl oz)

Note: The Welcome cap acts as a dropper.

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