Botanical Aquarium Contest

Botanical Aquarium Contest

Last July, the first Botanical Aquarium Contest of one of the brands that we distribute at MANGROVE PROJECT SL took place.

This first giveaway, devised by one of Sakana's CEOs, was quite an adventure for both participants, judges and creators of Sakana Botanicals.

Knowing the work/projects of its participants and learning from them is wonderful, like aquarium hobby itself.

It has not been easy for the judges to assess and make their decisions due to the high level of participation and quality.

Sakana Botanicals, left us a few words after the completion of the evaluations and the publication of the results:

At @sakanabotanicals we practice sustainable, responsible and respectful aquarium hobby.

Respectful aquarium hobby is a practice that seeks to maintain a harmonious balance between the passion for aquariums and respect for nature. Rather than simply collecting fish and plants without regard to their needs and natural habitats, respectful aquarium farming focuses on creating environments that responsibly mimic aquatic ecosystems.

Aquarists committed to respectful aquarium hobby thoroughly research the species they wish to keep, ensuring they provide the appropriate conditions for their well-being. This involves knowing their water temperature, pH, feeding and living space requirements. In addition, responsible reproduction is encouraged instead of relying exclusively on captures in the wild.

In addition, environmentally friendly aquarists also care about the sustainable origin of the fish and plants they introduce into their aquariums. They avoid acquiring species caught illegally or extracted from fragile habitats. Instead, they choose to acquire specimens bred in captivity or from conservation programs.

Respectful aquarium hobby is much more than just having a beautiful aquarium; It is a conscious and ethical way to enjoy the world of aquarium hobby without causing harm to nature. By adopting this responsible approach, lovers of this sector can contribute to preserving ecosystems while enjoying their passion.

The work of the participants is impressive, we leave you with the top 10 positions, you can click on each of the names and it will take you to the publication to see the image and video of the project.

First place: geniusofthelamp

Second place: daravalle

Third place: aqualupi

Fourth place: acuacr

Fifth place: geniusdelalampara

Sixth place: patriciamalagón

Seventh place: jesusmendez

Eighth place: ivanmegino

Ninth place: Miguela

Tenth place: emilianonaranjo

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