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TubeGrow, our high-porosity ceramic cylinder, is the perfect tool to consistently provide your plants with the right amount of water. Simply pour water into the cylinder and let the unique properties of the ceramic work its magic.

We recommend using osmosis water to obtain the best results, and remember not to overdo it with additives.

You can place the plants directly attached to the cylinder or tied to it. For an optimal result, we suggest putting a first layer of moss on the bottom and then placing the plants tied or glued to the moss.

With TubeGrow, you will have a simple and efficient system to keep your plants always hydrated and radiant. Don't wait any longer and discover the power of ceramics for plant growth!

Available in three different sizes:

  • TubeGrow Amazon

Diameter 12cm

Height 29cm

  • TubeGrow Congo

Diameter 10cm

Height 23.50cm

  • TubeGrow Borneo

Diameter 10cm

Height 17cm

In this link you can see a step by step of its assembly:

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