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Transformer by DiscusArt

Transformer by DiscusArt

**Exclusive sale to authorized stores

Transformer is a next generation water conditioner.

When adding new water to the aquarium, it is essential to remove chlorine and/or chloramine from the new water.

Transformer is 50% more active and concentrated than other competitors, with 1 ml we can treat up to 70L of new water. Transformer removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. Detoxifies nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia, facilitating their elimination through biological filtration. It can be used during aquarium cycling to alleviate ammonia and nitrite toxicity.

– 20 drops (1ml) for every 70L of water

For very high chloramine concentrations, double the recommended dose can be used.
For high ammonia concentrations, up to 5 times the recommended dose can be used.

250ml (8.5fl oz)

Note: The Transformer cap acts as a dripper.

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