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Mysis 100gr

Mysis 100gr

Mysis of excellent quality that ensures good nutrition for the animals in our aquariums, always ready to use once opened and stored in the refrigerator.

Crude protein min.: 8.3% - Fat min.: 4.6% - Fiber min.: 0.5% - Ash max.: 1.3%

100 % natural, free of additives and pathogens , it has almost all the advantages of fresh food, but without any of its drawbacks (conservation, contamination, dosage, pathogens, cloudiness, etc.).

With ARTEMIA KORAL , all these inconveniences do not exist since the product is cooked in its own “sauce”, with a shelf life of close to 10 years, without freezing, without additives and without clouding the water , therefore, without any of these problems. .

With a shelf life of a maximum of 10 years and its conservation, once opened, in the refrigerator for up to 30 days , it makes it a safe investment since it is almost impossible for it to expire on the shelf . It is supplied with a plastic lid for conservation once opened and a measuring spoon.

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