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Invertebrate Pack | Sakana Botanicals

Invertebrate Pack | Sakana Botanicals

Botanicals can provide food for your invertebrates in different ways. Prawns and snails love to chew on the biofilms that develop on driftwood and aquarium botanicals. Processing algae and biofilms from decomposing botanicals releases additional nutrients that your plants can also feed on. It becomes a healthy and interconnected system. Presented in organic Botanical Kit bag

25 gr alder pineapple 3 Jacaranda
10 Guava leaves 3 Dragee
3 Salvertia Flower 1 Double Palm Ring
3 African pineapple 5 Small Catappa
5 Jackfruit leaf 1 Mintola Coconut
Mix twigs S 5 Nano Lotus

  • TANNI LEVEL: 3 out of 3
  • Presented in an organic Botanical Kit bag + descriptive sheet inside
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