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Discus Fuel by DiscusArt

Discus Fuel by DiscusArt

Discus FUEL is a probiotic supplement for fresh water. Formed by intestinal probiotics and enriched with vitamins (see composition), plant extracts and essential oils. It is especially indicated for Discus Fish, although its benefits apply to any aquarium inhabitant.

How many times do we have the feeling that our fish do not want to feed as they should, or simply do not feed? The processes that can trigger a lack of appetite are numerous; any change in the aquarium, stress processes, changes in hierarchy, medical treatments that destroy the bacterial flora of our fish, and countless other cases.

The intestinal immune system constitutes the most extensive and complex part of the immune system. It receives an enormous antigenic load daily and is capable of distinguishing between invasive pathogens and harmless antigens from food and commensal bacteria. The intestine of fish is “the great factory” of the immune system, where the largest percentage of the defenses is found.

Discus FUEL , as its main benefit, helps to regenerate and revive the bacterial flora of our fish, notably increasing and recovering their appetite and strengthening their immune system.

In this product we have two dosages, one for maintenance to maintain the intestinal health of the fish on a daily basis, and another to use when we see our fish inappetent or apathetic. It is essential to use it after any type of medication, since the treatments not only attack the problem, but also the intestinal microbiota of the fish, leaving them “dry.”

Among other benefits, Discus FUEL ;
– Regulates intestinal transit.
– Strengthens and rebuilds the bacterial flora.
– Noticeably increases appetite.
– Boosts the immune system.
– Stimulates reproductive activity.
– Effectively regenerates the mucosa.
– Keeps the water crystal clear.
– Reduces stress.

– Maintenance: 5ml per 100L, once a week.
– Treatment: 10ml per 100L, 3 days in a row, without water changes.
(1ml is equivalent to 20 drops)

Intestinal probiotics, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12, C, D2, D3, E. Plant extracts and essential oils.

250ml (8.5fl oz)

Store between 10º and 25ºC.
Consume within 6 months once opened.

Note: The Discus FUEL cap acts as a dropper.

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