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Antartik Krill 425gr

Antartik Krill 425gr

New larger format - 425gr

Excellent food for all types of medium/large-sized fish, it can also be used to feed Anemones, Moray Eels and large-mouth LPS, 100% natural and nutritious.

Crude protein min.: 8.6% - Fat min.: 4.8% - Fiber min.: 0.3% - Ash max.: 1.2%

100 % natural, free of additives and pathogens , it has almost all the advantages of fresh food, but without any of its drawbacks (conservation, contamination, dosage, pathogens, cloudiness, etc.).

With ARTEMIA KORAL , all these inconveniences do not exist since the product is cooked in its own “sauce”, with a shelf life of close to 10 years, without freezing, without additives and without clouding the water , therefore, without any of these problems. .

With a shelf life of a maximum of 10 years and its conservation, once opened, in the refrigerator for up to 30 days , it makes it a safe investment since it is almost impossible for it to expire on the shelf . It is supplied with a plastic lid for conservation once opened and a measuring spoon.

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