Collection: Sakana Botanicals

Botanicals in the aquatic world play a crucial role for multiple species of fish; in nature they are used both for reproduction and for refuge. We are talking about leaves and seeds that naturalize a conventional aquarium, turning it into a naturalized biotope aquarium.

Sakana botanicals are carefully selected from the best sources around the world, ensuring their highest quality. These natural botanicals play a crucial role in the lives of many species, providing shelter for fish, creating a safe place for them to hide and rest. Not only do they serve as a source of protection, but they are also a natural source of food.

Thanks to biotope aquariums, we can now bring this same natural beauty and protection to our aquarium.

Botanicals do not require any type of care, they gradually disintegrate and add a touch of natural elegance to any aquarium.
Don't settle for a boring, lifeless environment for your fish, give them natural botanicals today!